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Sliding Windows
Quality and custom manufacture deliver superior outcomes.
Vantage Series 502 - 504 SLIDING WINDOWS

Vantage sliding windows combine strength and solidity with smooth operation and convenient features.
Maximum Strength: Vantage sliders can be supplied with 50mm standard or 102mm ‘Longreach’ frames, a variety of meeting stile strengths and weather resisting options. This makes the window suitable for most projects in Australia including exposed locations.

Smooth Operation: Sashes run on large diameter wheels to ensure long term smooth operation, even with heavier, laminated glass.

Secure Ventilation: An optional ventilation key lock allows the sash to be locked in the closed or two partly open positions (50mm or 100mm air gap).

Window Configuration Options: Sliding windows can be supplied in two panel (one opening panel and one fixed), three panel (two opening panels and one central fixed panel) or four panel (two central opening panels and two side fixed panels. Full height windows can also be supplied with fixed lowlights and/or highlights.

Locking Options: Vantage Series 504 sliding windows can be fitted with plain catches, secured with jamb locking cam handles as illustrated right or multi point ventilation key locks.


esigned for customers that are looking for the best window to go with other Designer Vantage products.
These very upmarket versatile windows can be fabricated with splayed or square external appearance. The wide/bold frames match other Vantage up-market windows and doors. The numerous options trims and couplers available with this suite are illustrated in this section.

Locking: A variety of lock types including mortice locks are available.

Performance: Magnum™ sliding windows have been successfully tested for compliance with Australian Standard AS2047 and will resist up to 450Pa water infiltration and comply with air conditioning requirements. This makes the product suitable for most residential applications including high rise.

Flyscreens: The sliders have been designed so that if you don't want flyscreens you won't have any unsightly recesses. Alternatively if you want screens we have custom sections to fit them professionally.

Condensation Drainage: Vantage offer an optional patented condensation drainage system for fixed lowlights/highlights. All slider sills are drained through an anti blow-back valve as standard.