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Double Hung Windows

Quality and custom manufacture deliver superior outcomes.

Series 614 ClearVENT™ Double-Hung Windows

Vantage ClearVENT™ Double-hung Windows are designed to give clear uninterrupted vision and high and low ventilation. It is simple to operate and can be locked in an open position with or without flyscreens. This upmarket window has wide/bold frames to match other Vantage windows and doors. The numerous trim and coupler options available with this suite are illustrated in this section.

Ease of Operation: Two panes of glass slide silently past each other within aluminium guides which fit neatly into the perimeter frame.

Locking: Sashes are secured with the push of a button. We also offer a key lock version of this latch.

Performance: ClearVENT™ Series 614 double-hung has been successfully tested for compliance with Australian Standard AS2047 and will resist up to 300Pa water infiltration. This makes the product suitable for most residential applications.

Flyscreens: A major feature with ClearVENT™ is the ability to fit flyscreens neatly into the window system without unsightly gaps or turnbuckles.

Safety Glazing: Full height sashes and fixed sidelights that can be mistaken for door openings (as shown on this page) are glazed with grade ‘A’ safety glass in accordance with Australian Standard AS1288.