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Stacker Sliding Doors

This stacking slider is the ideal door
when you are looking for an
economical wide opening door.

Extra Opening:
Stacking sliding doors open up approximately 50% more than a conventional ‘Fixed / Slide' door. The two sliding panels stack behind the third fixed panel.

Two Stacking Options: They come as three (Fixed / Slide / Slide reversible) or six panel (F/S/S/S/S/F) doors, with two panels moving towards one jamb and two towards the other.

Glazing: As with our other door types the Stacker sliding door panels can be glazed with a range of options, including toughened, laminated and hermetically sealed double glazing for thermal transmission reduction.

Compatibility: Stacker sliding doors may be coupled together or to any other 102mm window or door.

Flydoors: An optional custom Stacker sliding screen door system can be fitted.

Weatherproofing: Our aluminium Stacker doors have a high water resistance of 300Pa.

Capability: Maximum frame height: 3000mm. Maximum frame width: 11000mm (6-10 panels). Rated to Bal-40. Glass options up to 24mm double glazing.

Available in the following ranges:
- Horizon residential, aluminium
- Ascend designer, aluminium
- Paragon architectural, aluminium
- Natura, timber